Graduate Student Travel Support

CV Starr NYU A&S PHD Economics Travel Funding provides NYU FAS Economics 4th, 5th and 6th year doctoral students with travel grants on a reimbursement basis to support presentations of their research at professional conferences, meetings and workshops.  Presentations must be listed on the event program and the student must be listed as the official presenter of the research in order to be eligible for a grant from the center.  Funds may not be used for attending special educational programs. For more information on this program see:

Additional travel funding support is available from the GSAS Dean via the Dean’s Student Travel Grant Program, which has extremely early deadlines. Apply to this program when you are submitting your paper for consideration if not earlier as you will have most likely missed the application deadline by the time you find out your paper has been accepted for inclusion in the program.  For more information on this program, see:

NYU Student Government Assembly (SGA) Conference Funding is available to NYU students, both undergraduate and graduate and is limited to one travel award per academic year. The award is not guaranteed, and requests are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.  For more information on this program, see:

IHS Conference & Research Grant provides awards made exclusively to applicants who are new to the IHS or have recently indicated an interest in academia. For more information on the grant and how to apply, see the following link:

Charles Koch Foundation Travel Grants provide funding for travel in support of career development opportunities, such as presenting at a conference, conducting research for a publication, or attending a professional development workshop. For more information on the grant, see: