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C.V. Starr researchers tackle issues of critical global economic and social consequences to improve tomorrow’s economic decisions. For additional information about our research, please see the C.V. Starr Research by Topic page.

The C.V. Starr Center provides the faculty of the Department of Economics with financial support for ongoing research activities for both short-term and long-term research projects covering a vast range of economic topics of both contemporary public policy and long-term academic significance. The Center also jointly supports with the Department of Economics multiple ongoing faculty and doctoral-level seminars series in an array of Economic specialties.

The Center provides financial support for several doctoral-student initiatives. NYU FAS Economics doctoral students are provided with fellowship support enabling them to further research goals leading to dissertation completion as recommended by the Director of Graduate Studies. The Center also provides NYU FAS Economics doctoral students with funding for professional-level conference research presentations to enhance the student’s professional development, build their c.v., and provide professional-level growth opportunities.

In addition, funding is made available by the Center to support multiple economic academic conferences of varying scale on both applied and theoretical subject matters. These conferences must be coordinated by NYU Economics faculty. Funding is made available on an application specific basis. Funds for conferences are not available to external, non-NYU groups.

The Center provides administrative support for all of the Department of Economics grant-related activities.