5th NYU Economics PhD Alumni Conference Papers & Presentations -Parallel Session 2: Room 517

The Market for Product Reviews

by Helios Herrera (University of Warwick)

with Jacob Glazer and Motty Perry (University of Warwick)

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Auto Loan Intermediation 

by Tobias Salz (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and David Low (Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection)

with Andreas Grunewald (University of Bonn) and Jonathan Lanning 

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Payment Choice Using Big Data: New York Taxis

by Krzysztof P. Wozniak (Federal Reserve Board)

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Adaptive Treatment Assignment in Experiments for Policy Choice

by Anja Sautmann (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

with Maximilian Kasy (Harvard University)

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Fake News, Voter Overconfidence, and the Quality of Democratic Choice 

by Melis Kartal (Vienna University)

with Jean-Robert Tyran (Vienna University)

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Asymmetry in Civic Information: An Experiment on Tax Incidence among SMEs in Togo 

by Moussa Blimpo (World Bank)

with Paul Castañeda Dower (University of Wisconsin – Madison)

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Optimal Allocation with Stochastic Verification

by Dhruva Bhaskar (Queen Mary University of London)

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Timely Persusasion

by Deepal Basak (Indian School of Business)

with Zhen Zhou (Tsinghua University

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Consumer Privacy and Serial Monopoly 

by Nikita Roketskiy (University College London)

with Venkataraman Bhaskar (University of Texas at Austin)

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Frictional Adjustment to Income Tax Incentives: an Application to the Earned Income Tax Credit

by Joseph Lyon Mullins (University of Minnesota)

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Democratic Support for the Bolshevik Revolution: An Empirical Investigation of 1917 Constituent Assembly Elections

by Paul Castañeda Dower (University of Wisconsin – Madison)

with Andrei Markevich (New Economic School)

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Formal Employment and Organized Crime: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Colombia

by Carlos Medina (Bank of the Republic of Colombia)

with Gurav Khanna (University of California), Anant Nyshadham (Boston College), and Jorge Tamayo (Harvard Business School)

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Information Design in Competitive Insurance Markets

by Matan Tsur (University of Vienna)

with Daniel Garcia (University of Vienna)

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A Proper Test of Choice Overload

by Mark Dean

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Competing Models

by Pietro Ortoleva (Princeton University)

with José Luis Montiel Olea (Columbia University), Mallesh Pai (Rice University), and Andrea Prat (Columbia University)

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Attention Management

by Elliot Lipnowski (Columbia University)

with Laurent Mathevet (New York University) and Dong Wei (University of California, Berkeley)

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Partnership with Persistence

by João Antunes Ramos (University of Southern California)

with Tomas Sadzik (UCLA)

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