Papers and Presentations

Cyclical Labor Market Sorting by Leland Crane, Henry Hyatt, and Seth Murray

Presentation by Henry R. Hyatt (U.S Census Bureau)


Turbulence and Unemployment in Matching Models by Isaac Baley, Lars Ljungqvist, and Thomas J. Sargent

Presentation by Lars Ljungqvist (New York University)


Long-term Finance and Investment with Frictional Asset Markets by Julian Kozlowski

Presentation by Julian Kozlowski (New York University)


Knowing Me and Knowing You, a Theory of Intermediation by Bruno Sultanam, Zach Bethune, and Nicholas Trachter

Presentation by Bruno Sultanum (Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond)


The Rise of Market Power and Wage Inequality by Jan De Loecker and Jan Eeckhout

Presentation by Jan Eeckhout (University Pompeu Fabra and University College London)