Handbook of Historical Economics Papers and Presentations

DAY 1 Presentations

Economic History and Historical Economics: A Quantitative Analysis by Giovanni Federico (NYU AD), Martina Cioni (U. Siena), and Michelangelo Vasta (U. Siena)

Political Economy And Institutional Dynamics by Konstantin Sonin (U. Chicago), Daron Acemoglu (MIT), and Georgy Egorov (Northwestern U.)

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Long‐term Persistence: The Myth and the Mystery by Hans‐Joachim Voth (U. Zurich)

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The Use Of Ethnographic Data And Field Experiment In Historical Economics by Sara Lowes (UC San Diego)

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Recent Developments In Historical National Accounting by Stephen Broadberry (Oxford)

Structural Methods In Historical Macroeconomics: New Perspectives On
Long‐run Growth And Fluctuations by Gary Hansen (UCLA), Lee Ohanian (UCLA), and Jaeyoung Jang (UCLA)

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Technological Progress In Historical Economics by Jeremy Greenwood (U. Penn), Nezih Guner (CEMFI), and Karen Kopecky (Atlanta Fed)

Critical Comments On Causation In Historical Economics by Alberto Bisin (NYU) and Andrea Moro (Vanderbilt)

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Historical Econometrics: IV and RDD by Felipe Valencia (UBC)

Technological Progress And The Industrial Revolution by Robert Allen (NYU AD)

Researching International Interventions in the Post World War II Period by Pablo Querubin (NYU) and Shanker Satyanath (NYU)

DAY 2 Presentations

Historical Data: Where To Find Them, How To Use Them by Andrea Matranga (Chapman U.) and Paola Giuliano (UCLA)

Theories of State Formation: The New, The Old, and the Evidence by David Stavasage (NYU)

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Religion In Historical Economics by Ludger Woessmann (U. Munich), Sascha Becker (Monash U. and U. Warwick), and Jared Rubin (Chapman U.)

The Use Of Archaeological Data In Historical Economics by Andrea Matranga (Chapman U.) and Luigi Pascali (UPF)

Social Mobility In Historical Economics by Gregory Clark (UC Davis)

War Financing And Historical Macroeconomics by George Hall (Brandeis) and Thomas Sargent (NYU)

Monetary Policy And Good Old Historical Economics by Francois Velde (Chicago Fed) and Eric Monnet (PSE)

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The Analysis Of Natural Experiments In Historical Economics by Davide Cantoni (U. Munich) and Noam Yuchtman (UC Berkeley)

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Historical Economics and Institutions by Alberto Bisin (NYU) and Thierry Verdier (PSE)

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Other Papers in the Historical Handbook of Economics.

African Economic development, 1870-present: Growth, Reversals, and Deep Transitions by Ewout Frankema (Wageningen University).

External Evolution Through Conflict by David K. Levine (European University Institute) and Salvatore Modica (Università di Palermo).

The Economic History of Economic History: The Evolution of a Field in Economics by Robert A. Margo (Boston University)

Attitudes, Aptitudes, and the Roots of the Great Enrichment by Joel Mokyr (Northwestern University)