Research Staff

Name Phone Email
Hunt Allcott, Assistant Professor Energy and Environmental Economics, Industrial Organization, Behavioral Economics, Development Economics 212.998.8900
Jess Benhabib, Professor macroeconomics, growth.  212.998.8971
Alberto Bisin, Professor General equilibrium theory, finance, cultural evolution.  212.998.8916
Jaroslav Borovička, Assistant Professor Macroeconomics and asset pricing 212.998.8963 
Katarína Borovičková, Assistant Professor
Andrew Caplin, Professor Economic fluctuations,Macroeconomic Theory, microeconomic theory, housing market.  212.998.8950
David Cesarini, Assistant Professor Behavioral Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Experimental Economics  212.998.3773
Timothy Christensen, Assistant Professor
Tim Cogley, Professor Macroeconomics, Econometrics  212.992.8679
William Easterly, Professor; Co-Director of the Development Research Institute Long-run growth and development, Political Economy  212.992.8684
Raquel Fernandez, Professor International economics, education and income distribution, political economy.  212.998.8908
Christopher J. Flinn, Professor Labor and Household Economics, Econometrics  212.998.8925
Guillaume Frechette, Associate Professor  Experimental Economics, Industrial Organization, Political Economy, Public Economics.  212.992.8683
Roman Frydman, Professor Imperfect Knowledge and Economic Theory, Modeling Financial Markets, Macroeconomics, Corporate Governance and Economic Dynamism: A Comparative Perspective  212.998.8967
Douglas Gale, Professor Economics of finance, money and banking; general equilibrium theory; bounded rationality.  212.998.8944
Mark Gertler, Professor Macroeconomic theory, monetary economics, finance.  212.998.8931
Nazgul Jenish, Assistant Professor Theoretical and Applied Econometrics  212.998.3891
Boyan Jovanovic, Professor Macroeconomics, industrial organization.  212.998.8953
Ricardo Lagos, Professor Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, Monetary Economics, Search Theory.  212.998.8937
John LazarevAssistant Professor  212.998.8243 
John Leahy, Professor Macroeconomics, behavioral economics, economic theory.  212.992.9770
Ilse Lindenlaub, Assistant Professor
Alessandro Lizzeri, Professor Industrial Organization, Political Economy, Microeconomic Theory  212.998.8907
Lars Ljungqvist, Global Distinguished Professor  212.992.7959
Sydney C Ludvigson, Professor Financial Economics, Macroeconomics, Applied Time Series Econometrics. 212.998.8927
Laurent Mathevet, Assistant Professor 212.998.8934 
Konrad Menzel, Assistant Professor Econometrics, Labor Economics. 212.998.8912
Virgiliu Midrigan, Associate Professor  212.992.8081
Jose Montiel-Olea, Assistant Professor 212.998.8900
M. Ishaq Nadiri, Professor Economics of technology, productivity and economic growth, investment theory and modeling.  212.998.8968
Yaw Nyarko, Professor; Co-Director of the Development Research Institute Game Theory, Human Capital and Economic Growth  212.998.8928
Efe Ok, Professor Decision Theory, Game Theory, Applied Functional Analysis  212.998.8920
Janusz A. Ordover, Professor Industrial organization, antitrust economics and policy, applied microeconomics.  212.998.8956
David Pearce, Professor Repeated Games, Noncooperative Solution Concepts, Bargaining and Bounded Rationality.  212.992.8667
Jonas Prager, Associate Professor Privatization, banking regulation.  212.998.8911
Debraj Ray, Professor Development economics, microeconomic theory, game theory, Income Distribution, Inequality and Polarization, Coalition Formation in Games 212.998.8906
Mario J Rizzo, Associate Professor Austrian economics, law and economics, ethics and economics, behavioral economics and paternalism  212.998.8932
Ariel Rubinstein, Professor Economic Theory, Game Theory, Decision Theory. 212.992.9772
Thomas Sargent, Professor Macroeconomics, monetary economics, and applied time series analysis.  212.998.3548
Edouard Schaal, Assistant Professor Macroeconomics and labor markets 212.998.8926
Andrew Schotter, Professor Experimental economics, game theory, theory of economic institutions, Microeconomics  212.998.8952
Ennio Stacchetti, Professor Game theory and economic theory.  212.998.8964
Kevin Thom, Assistant Professor Labor Economics, Development Economics and Applied Microeconometrics  212.998.8938
Gianluca Violante, Professor Macroeconomics, Labor Economics  212.992.9771
Quang Vuong, Professor 212.998.8941
Ed Vytlacil, Professor Econometrics 212.992.8682
Charles A. Wilson, Professor Economic theory, game theory, decision theory, experimental economics. 212.998.8954
Edward Nathan Wolff, Professor Distribution of income and wealth, productivity growth, input-output analysis.  212.998.8917